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Intchains Group Limited

Business Overview

Specialists in IC Design

We are a provider of integrated solutions consisting of high-performance ASIC chips and ancillary software and hardware for blockchain applications. We utilize a fabless business model and specialize in the front-end and back-end of IC design, which are the major components of the IC product development chain. We have established strong supply chain management with a leading foundry, which helps to ensure our product quality and stable production output. As of September 30, 2023, we had completed a total of eight tape-outs using our “Xihe” Platform for 22nm ASIC chips, achieving a 100% success rate for all our tape-outs.


Keep Improving

We conduct our operations in China through our subsidiaries incorporated under the laws of the PRC (Our Cayman Islands holding company does not conduct operations). We began our operations in December 2017 when Shanghai Intchains Technology Co., Ltd., or Shanghai Intchains, was founded in Shanghai, China.

With the growth of our business and in order to facilitate international capital raising, we underwent an offshore reorganization in the second half of 2021. Intchains Group Limited was incorporated in the Cayman Islands as our offshore holding company in June 2021 and became the ultimate holding company of our operating subsidiaries in December 2021.

Our Competitive Strengths

Do Our Best

  • Leading fabless provider of high-performance ASIC chips for some key blockchain algorithms
  • Innovative technology platform enabling fast time-to-market product launch and higher gross profit margin
  • Broad product portfolio tailored to capture market growth potential
  • Leading provider of high-performance ASIC chips for blockchain algorithms used by individual end users
  • Close and stable relationships with our major suppliers
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